Nothing Matters! (A Dance Party!)


Nothing Matters is a monthly dance party at Fort Greene in Globeville. We talked to Clay Cornelius a little about the upcoming festivities and he's got us pumped for the first installment of this party tomorrow, February 9th at 9pm.

I started the party because I wanted to create a dance party that feels approachable and doesn’t take itself too seriously. My inspiration to get the ball rolling on a monthly came from attending a prom-themed event in LA on New Years Eve that was super fun and well thought-out. I loved the silliness of it all, and it definitely inspired me to take the idea of putting on events a little more seriously once I came back to Denver. 

Eventually the party will showcase some special one-off performances from local musicians, DJ sets from whoever I feel like having that month, themed parties and some fun interactive stuff that is still in the works. 

This month will feature DJ sets from myself (Clay Cornelius), Nasty Nachos, Retrofette and Jordan Lempe (formerly of Sunboy). People can except to hear a bit of funk, a bit of house music and a bit of disco. We’ll have live visuals by Andy Ai and a Nintendo 64 that will be hooked up to a projector so you can ruin all of your friendships!