New Music | Iolite "Sapphire"

Everything this girl has touched so far has been gold. We are loving the new jam and we are predicting huge things from this Denver songstress. Iolite is a breath of fresh air echoing a sound that has us wanting more and more after each listen.

Influenced by the likes of Lorde/Halsey/Broods, IOLITE claims the darker spectrum of the pop genre, marrying haunting vocals with hooky melodies. 

Her latest single "Sapphire" is a beautiful art-pop piece with throbbing 808's and live, organic instrumentation. “One of the most attractive things to me in a person is when they talk about something they love” – IOLITE opens up about the song’s meaning, “Because when they do, every mask they ever put on comes off and they become completely themselves”. 

Venturing the furthest towards Pop she has gone to date, IOLITE performs “Sapphire” half-handcuffed, as she plays the role of a prisoner on the run in this latest exposition. Dressed in a grunge-orange convict uniform and accompanied by a confident, fringe, attitude, IOLITE is proud to deliver “Sapphire”. And she should be.