BANKS Continues Being A Goddess Into Her 2017 Tour


BANKS, the electro-pop goddess from Orange County, sold out the Ogden on Saturday, and wooed the crowd with her beautiful pipes and her really tight dance moves. Although it’s been nearly a year since her album The Altar came out, she has been touring with The Weeknd and now that she’s headlining her own tour the sweet lady is on her game, and it was apparent from her sexy style, to her sultry voice, and her infectious energy.

“Fuck with Myself” was amazing to see live, and I really appreciated this different aspect to her tough side. It was really bad ass, and only made better by her backup dancers who were putting on a wonderful show the entire time. “Gemini Feed” was also a highlight of the night, sang back by nearly every member of the crowd, and seemingly building up the crowd as the night progressed. It was nice to see that there wasn’t a still person in the crowd, except maybe that boyfriend that was dragged there unwillingly, and the overall message was girl power and goddess-ry. A pretty simple execution of shadows, slicked back, Ariana Grande-esque ponies, and smoke, made for a visually stimulating sort of pop tease, and shed light on some of the artistry behind some of her more complex videos.


I once heard Banks be described as dark R&B and that really struck me as true in this album especially. There’s a lot of catchy basslines and Aaliyah sounding breakdowns. She is really good at the pop thing, but has shown versatility and growth. And despite not playing her hit song Goddess, from her 2014 album, I forgive her, because she really is one.