Totally Tycho

Scott Hansen, composer, songwriter, and producer, also known as Tycho came to Denver and met a dog according to Instagram. He also played a show at the Fillmore,  highlighting his newest album, Epoch, the third and final part to his trilogy project. The obviously well executed album was even nominated for best dance/electronica album at the Grammy's. The trilogy consists of Dive (2011) and Awake (2014) and now, Epoch and said albums have a very consistent "driving down the coast" feeling. 
The same can be said for the live version of the music. Accompanied by elements taken from nature and organic sounds, Tycho takes the concert goer on a journey of free flowing movement and it's truly hard to not enjoy yourself. 
A simple 4 piece band with Hansen's graphic art front and center, projected over the band, taking the audience on a visual joyride through nature's treasures and psychedelia.  Despite being similar to every other Tycho show we've seen, it was tight nonetheless. There is definitely a place in the world for the ambient, IDM dream pop that Tycho is putting down. And as for the visuals, Hansen does them well and often under moniker ISO50. So, heads up. 

Although I've heard many people's underwhelming response to some of the music for being one dimensional,  keep in mind that as Epoch was the end of the trilogy; new music is close by, and it's probably heading in a different direction. I always have hope in this direction geared towards the label, Ghostly International, which hosts some of our favorites that keep the industry innovative and competitive.
8.5 outta 10 for me, y'all.