Dear Me, Starting To Feel At Home With New Album On The Way | First Listen

Discovering new music is what this site was built upon, we are constantly sorting through inboxes full of new material from musicians and bands all over the world. Our fondness for local music is always at the helm of our priority and from time to time we get to hear some of the best up and coming material before anybody else (perk #118). We got our hands on this song by Dear Me, who are planning on releasing their new album on June 10th of next month. The track Somebody Else conjures up the early days of Death Cab For Cutie with well crafted lyrics and harmonies that deliver the perfect emotions of the heartfelt song. The band plans to release their album Present Perfect on June 10th at Syntax Opera House. Information on that show can be found on the bands website.

"Somebody Else is maybe the first song that really made me feel like "Dear me," could work out as a project. Andrew and I had been playing as side men in a band, and playing the occasional gig as a duo, but it never amounted to much. Figuring out how to make our voices and guitars compliment each other on this song was really the first step towards taking our own music seriously. We recorded it mostly the way that we originally figured it out, with just Jamie Beekman's third harmony on top and keyboard underneath."