Thievery Corporation Hypnotizes Denver Post 4/20

Thievery Corporation took over the Mile High City a day after the 4/20 celebrations, and brought a heady, mesmerising showcase of their nearly endless music. The Washington D.C. artist and DJ collaborative, composed of Rob Garza, Eric Hilton, and many others including Natalia Clavier, Mr. Lif, and Loulou Ghelickhani showed off their lively, world influenced, reggae dub, especially of that present on the latest album, The Temple of I & I. The vibes were chill, the presentation simple.


In comparison to other Thievery Corporation shows we've seen, this one was definitely less theatrical,  but in a pleasant way that definitely fit hand in hand with how Denver was feeling Friday night. A crowd of all ages swayed in what seemed like a synchronized hypnosis the entire time, which was a very pleasant experience to be surrounded by others who appreciate the worldly sounds. Being the crowd pleasers that they are, the collective teased and teased until they played fan favorites like "Amerimacka" and "Lebanese Blonde" and got the crowd feeling extra groovy towards the end.

Honorable mention to opener Thriftworks (Jake Atlas) a Pennsylvania native to keep an eye on if you're keen on progressive and explorative electronic artists. Atlas also played a reeeeeaaaaallllyyyy cool set at after-hours gallery, Knew Conscious, which you should have major FOMO about missing.

 Thriftworks (Jake Atlas)

Thriftworks (Jake Atlas)