One Flew West Set To Release New Music

Hometown heroes One Flew West have blessed us once again with new music. After a two year break they’re back with two fresh singles. The new material will be available Friday, March 3rd at their release show as well as Spotify, Soundcloud and Facebook. The guys describe a far more hands on role in the production than ever before. This allowed for more experimentation and specific focus on the minor details. 

The singles still resemble their alternative, pop-rock style and classic OFW honest and visual lyrics. All In My Head is a playful song with a dark implication. The song describes the struggle of mental illness, specifically depression, and how it affects your loved ones. The upbeat, pleasing rhythm masks it’s harsh words and complex meaning. 

Ten Years Later is another personal story of lead singer Linden Jackson’s experience with his father moving away for a new job and the ways he had to cope in his many distractions. “Overall though, I think that everyone has someone that they wish were still around and when you peel back the skin, the song is simply about missing that person.” The relatability and raw emotion of their music is why we love these guys.

OFW is the kind of live show where the performers have just as much fun as the crowd. They never fail to amuse with their unapologetic love songs and quirky in between song banter. Want to catch a preview? They guys have a Facebook live acoustic set of All In My Head, Ten Years Later, along with their comically nasty classic, Kind of Love. 

If you haven’t caught them in action yet be sure to do so this Friday March 3rd. The four local man-children will be releasing the new singles at their headlining show at Lost Lake along with CITRA and Overslept. Doors are at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. The show is drastically close to selling out! Grab your tickets while you still can! We hope you’re ready to get weird, Denver.