ULTRA EXCLUSIVE | New Music From The Savage Blush

You saw them play UMS 2016; the High-dive house-guests were piled high to see the high water set of The Savage Blush, Denver's favorite family band comprised of Rebecca and Josh WIlliams. But where have the sibs been since? Hunting wild-game in South Africa? No. Living off of drippings from the ceiling? No. Watching Full-House? No.

The Blush have been on what they termed a months long "desert-sabbatical". For the Blush, their desert hours entail a lot of dirt, dust, and writing music in their camper van. The perfect storm that results in that gritty sand-in-your-eyes sound. Their fresh minted singles will make you want to sell your belongings and become a desert rover too. 

Read our interview with Rebecca Williams here, and listen below for Ultra5280's exclusive release of The Savage Blush's 'Singles'. Available on Bandcamp.