Run The Jewels Slays In Their Return To The Mile High City

Run The Jewels performing in front of a sold out Denver crowd. (Photo Credit: Aly McClaran)

The duo of Killer Mike and El-P have been making the rounds for a couple years now, with their initial release of Run The Jewels in 2013 the hip hop duo have not letdown. Their latest album rightfully named Run The Jewels 3 has been met with tremendous accolades so far. A far more political album in response to our country's current political shit-show, RTJ has never been shy to express their concerns and uncertainties. Killer Mike was a stout supporter of Bernie Sanders leading up to the campaign often seen with the Senator at many events. It is what has turned Run The Jewels into a voice for representation, much like Rage Against The Machine was a voice for me.

Killer Mike one half of the hip hop duo Run The Jewels. (Photo Credit: Aly McClaran)

Producer extraordinaire El-P the other half of Run The Jewels. (Photo Credit: Aly McClaran)

The sold out Fillmore crowd got a performance for the ages. RTJ seems to have found itself a nice fanbase here in Denver, judging by the crowds participation it is here to stay. The duo tore threw hit after hit often pausing to catch their breath (as many artist do when they perform at our high altitude) They came out to the the echoes of "We Are The Champions" by Queen, before letting all hell loose with "Talk To Me", off of their latest album. Much of their setlist consisted of their newest material. They preached the importance of unity in particular when a fan lost his glasses in the mosh pit only for the pit to stop and help the young man retrieve his glasses before raging again. This is the kind of atmosphere you will find at any RTJ concert. They also gave us some inspirational moments in regards to when times are tough,

"On days when you are down and life is kicking your ass, my homeboy EL-P tells me shit is not gonna stay that way. Ain't that right El?" [shit is not gunna stay that way]..."And you pick yourself the fuck up, and you push through, because no matter how down you are, the come up is right around the motherfuckin' corner"-Killer Mike

The duo will continue on their current tour which takes them through the end of March then they head overseas for the rest of the tour.

Words: Robert Castro / Photos: Aly Mcclaran / Video: Amy Osgood