Locals Only Spotlight | YaSi "Stranded Feelings" EP | Review

From time to time we receive music in our inboxes that leave a lasting mark. Such is the case with newcomer YaSi. A newcomer (solo) on the Denver scene YaSi just released a 4 song EP titled Stranded Feelings. If we were to describe her sound (which we love doing) It would be as if Rihanna and The Weeknd are enjoying Netflix and Chill and Beyonce and Frank Ocean show up unexpectedly with a bottle of wine and pizza. Sending us into all kinds of feels YaSi manages to capture the audience with infectious beats and a no-holds barred approach to her lyrics. She’s calling the shots and all you can do is sit back and listen. 

Opening track “B4 We”, starts off with an eery-synth layered over a tight drum track that sets the tone for the song. As soon as YaSi comes in with the vocals we are taken on a journey with innocent sexual undertones that make this song stand out. Fellas take note.

The next track titled “3 Nites”, is a slow tempo track full of nothing but amazing production taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions. In Beyonce like fashion YaSi pours it out making sure that her stranded feelings truly come in “waves”.

On “2 Go”, we are instantly taken into a world of confusion and loneliness demonstrated by Yasi’s plead to find out where she needs to go in a time of being alone. A song you can definitely get attached to, due to the fact that at one point or another we have all been in that situation.

The EP wraps up with the most upbeat track titled “1 Can’t Blame You”. YaSi lets her voice shine on this track flowing smoothly from one bar to another without a hint of hesitation. A perfect EP for that summertime grind when all you want to do is get home relax with a bottle of red and kick off your shoes and contemplate the finer things in life that are often overlooked. For YaSi this is only the beginning, Denver take note there is a new queen in town.

-Robert Castro