Best Places To Do ____ During The UMS on South Broadway

As many of you embark on the journey known as The Underground Music Showcase, we wanted to spotlight some of the finer establishments on South Broadway for you to check out while battling the hot pavement. From delicious ice cream to receiving a tetanus shot, we've got your back. And who knows, after four days of music some of you may get the urge to drop by one of these places to regain your hearing, charge your phones, and stay fueled with burritos. Please support local business!

Best Place For Ice Cream:

Known as one of the finer ice cream establishments in the country, you should make an attempt to take a break and patiently wait three hours in line to get a scoop of the fine whiskey bourbon ice cream to keep you tipsy while you wait to take in your next band. It's a great spot for people watching as well. 

Best Place To Drink For Cheap And Play Drunk Skee Ball:

Ahhh where else can you play Skee-Ball and get rewarded with shots? Barry's on Broadway of course. We will admit we have done some things at Barry's which we have all vowed to never talk about.....ever. But if you want cheap drinks, an awesome jukebox, and love to chill out with a vagabond or two, this is your go to.

Best Place To Get A Tetanus Shot After Peeing At The Three Kings Restroom:

Safe to say we have all peed in some weird places during one of our drunken adventures. From bushes to alley's to our neighbors porch (I was really drunk). nothing gives you that "I may have just contracted an STD" feeling like urinating at one of the restrooms at Three Kings Tavern (Hi-Dive you were a close second). Luckily for us we have an Urgent Care nestled right in between a sushi place (more on that later) and Buffalo Exchange.

Best Place To Ride A Mechanical Bull:

Pay no attention to the crowd in the picture above, instead picture tattooed hipsters and beer junkies. This year Illegal Pete's on Broadway will transform their parking lot into a poor man's carnival of sorts. Who knows you may catch Virgil Dickerson swallowing flaming swords. Aside from being best place for a burrito, house margarita, place to get your mist on, breakfast tacos and more, you won't find a mechanical bull any closer to UMS than Cheyenne Frontier Days!

Best Place To Get The Meat Sweats:

One of the new kids on the block this year Dae Gee is serving up their fine Korean BBQ at their newest establishment on South Broadway. What's better than enjoying a music festival in triple digit heat than sweating profusely the fine delicacy of pork bulgogi. I'm sure you will catch us here on more than one occasion, after all we are big fans of all you can eat establishments.

Best Place To Get A Tattoo:

Nothing says RAGRET more than receiving a tattoo of a rainbow unicorn on your ass cheek (if you are wondering if I have one, that may have answered your question). Think Tank Tattoo on SoBo has long been established as one of the best places to get a tat here in Denver. If colorful unicorns aren't your style you can always get that cute Pikachu on your ankle you have always wanted, right Mcclain?

Best Place To Set Your Mouth On Fire:

If setting your mouth of fire is more of your thing swing by Thai Monkey Club. Don't get it confused with the fight club that pits primates in the secret underground warehouse in Rino (We have said too much). This place has been serving up traditional Thai speciliaties such as drunken noodles, to their Tom Kha (coconut soup). Make sure you order that Thai Hot. We heard it's not spicy at all (wink, wink).

Best Place To Get A Slice Of Pizza:

At first glance it may seem that your pizza has been sitting there for days, not too worry, they heat it up in their ovens and it comes out pippin' hot. At $2.50 a slice for a Pepperoni slice you can't get a better deal on a budget! This quirky establishment serves up traditional thin crust slices of heaven. We suggest you give them a try, side note they have a rather impressive selection of beers as well. We can now safely include "Shut Your Pie Hole" in our award reading articles.

Best Place To Take A Nap:

It gets hot during UMS, you will often find us camped out right in front of the Goodwill doors just to catch the rare heavenly breeze of cool air emitting from their air conditioned palace of second hand goods. If you want to take it a step further, we hear they have an array of furniture downstairs that is usually on clearance for you to take that little siesta while everybody is outside melting. We can't guarantee a few bedbugs here and there, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Best Place To Find A PokeStop:

It's kind of embarrassing writing about this, but truth be told all of our staff is playing this game. In fact South Broadway will be the first time nerds and musicians will be battling for bragging rights of this Pokemon filled stretch of land. We plan to bring the peace between both factions! I mean might as well play Pokemon while you wait for hours to get into the Hi-Dive every night!

Best Place To Grab A Beer And Worship The Prince Of Darkness:

South Broadway is full of dive bars and watering holes, but if you want quality craftsmanship beer with a little hint of darkness be sure to check out TRVE Brewing Company. Inside the satanic beer kingdom you will be greeted by the finest heavy metal music to wash down your delicious pint. What say metal more than a Foeder-Fermented Mixed Culture Saison with Watermelon (Solid Hex).

So there it is folks, while the music is playing make sure to get into one of these fine establishments to enjoy some of the more finer things in life. Have a safe UMS!