Brand New and Modest Mouse Invade Red Rocks

Super tours have become nearly instinct in todays music world. Unlike the heyday of the 90's and early 2000's it's rare to see two or more groups tour together on joint tours. A few months ago it was announced that Brand New and Modest Mouse were going on tour together, the plan was simple each band took turns headlining each night. Lucky for us that tour included a stop at Red Rocks this past Wednesday. A sold out crowd had a chance to see a couple bands who have left their mark in their respected genres over the year. First up was Modest Mouse, last time we saw these guys was at Riot Fest last year. They opened up with a bang starting with "Dramamine", "Be Brave", and radio friendly "Ocean Breathes Salty". The set seemed to lack enthusiasm and lasted only a little over an hour. While the crowd did politely participate, it was safe to say it was more of a pro Brand New crowd (which we think will alternate back and forth between the tour).

After what seemed like the longest set change in Red Rocks history the boys from New York were ready to wreck havoc on the sold out crowd. They opened up with "Sink", as the blaring LED's and fog created an aura that complimented the bands hard sound. Frontman Jessie Lacey commanded the set from the get go letting everybody know that it was his stage and his agenda. After tearing through song after song that made the band staples in the pop punk genre, Lacey reflected to the crowd that this was the end for the band (something that has been hinted for awhile). Stating that their were two things they needed to accomplish before breaking up, one was playing at Red Rocks and two was touring with Modest Mouse. Many in the crowd bared witness to the band they grew up listening to in high school reminding them that sometimes you do need a soundtrack for those times, luckily Brand New was there to provide it.