Thrice Brings the Energy To Summit Music Hall | June 25, 2016

When was the last time you were at a sold out show where the entire crowd was screaming the along with the band?  If you were to ask us, that is how we spent Saturday night as post-hardcore band Thrice played at Summit Music Hall. 

photo credit: Matt Smith/Ultra5280

Thrice has some of the most devout fans I have come across – although, I would argue most fans of the pop-punk/emo/post-hardcore genre bands are the most consistently devout fans in general. Thrice had taken a 3 year hiatus starting in 2012, and returned to life in 2015, performing at several big festivals including Riot Fest Denver. After a quick tour last year, they joined again in the studio to record a new album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere. This 11-song album received a mix of reviews, most focusing on it's seemingly overly political agenda rather than top tracks like “Blood on the Sand” and “Black Honey”.

Saturday's opening act, La Dispute, did not fail to stir the crowd. Lead singer Jordan Dreyer has an amazing stage presence.  While singing he was jumping around, moving back and forth across the stage and even hopping in the crowd a few times. Dreyer leans more towards spoken word/ poetic style of lyrics, a unique departure in a genre that is consistently filled with very similar acts. His deep, disturbing lyrics cause the listener to turn inward and self reflect, while imaging visuals to go along with the heartbreaking stories. La Dispute is certainly best seen live rather than simply listened to, so don't skip on your next catch to catch one of their shows. 

fans literally screaming along to every word (photo credit: Matt Smith/Ultra5280)

As the stage went dark, an erie thunderstorm sound began to boom as Thrice walked on stage and opened with “Hurricane” the first track of off their new album. They proceeded to jump back in time to “Sillohouette” off their breakout album The Artist and The Ambulance.  Frontman Dustin Kensrue and bandmates were immediately playing hard and rocking the crowd's faces off.  As the mosh pit started, fans screamed along to the lyrics and crowd surfers went flying over heads – the show's energy was really starting to peak.  Thrice ended the night with a three song encore of older hits like “The Artist And the Ambulance”, “In The Years To Come” and finished with “The Earth Will Shake." As the music and crowd settled, sweat covered fans looked disappointed that show was over, itching for more, yet still very satisfied.  As fans began to leave, the merch table was mobbed by fans anxious to pick up anything to remember the night while supporting a a band that they're thankful to have performing once again. 

- words and photographs by Matt Smith