Music | Explosions In The Sky Delivered Two Back-to-Back Nights Of Musical Bliss | May 10-11 | The Ogden Theatre

To those unfamiliar with the band Explosions In The Sky, let us simply sum up the band in two words emotionally, driven, raw, and unfiltered chaos (ok it was more than two words but you get our drift). The Texas based band had a two night stint at The Ogden this week and we were there to catch the second helping of goodness. The instrumental rockers put forth one of those mind numbing performances that stays with you for a long time. In support of their sixth album The Wilderness the band reached into some newer anthems showcasing their unprecedented penchant for delivering melodic emotional numbers as witnessed with every album they have put out. The Austin based band managed to conjure up every ounce of energy and translate each song into a life giving entity. The trio of guitarists Mark Smith, Michael James, and Munaf Rayani each traded lead guitar parts equating to each orchestrating their own symphony of harmonies and distorted riffs. At times their mellowing transition between songs were so quiet you couldn't even hear a whisper from the sold out crowd.

Playing with such emotion you would think the second of two shows would leave the band rather drained, but that wasn't the case as many I talked to that attended the first night echoed their appreciation for the band going even harder the second night. With ever-changing colored LED’s and complementing fog the band tore through a two hour set with no encore leaving many in the audience craving for more. The band opened up with “Infinite Orbit”, the opening clash of drums and subtle bass tones soon opened up the flood gates to one of the better songs on the new album. They continued their onslaught of haunting newer material with “Tangle Formations”, “Logic of Dream”, and “Disintegration Anxiety”. The latter hitting with an all out organic transition-shifting beauty of a masterpiece. Probably my favorite track on the new album, even sounding better live. They even managed to reach way back into their catalog with “Greet Death” off the 2001 album Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever.

Denver consider yourself lucky to have witnessed one of the best concerts this year so far. Two magical nights of pure organic driven inducing sets. Time to go home and cry as we watch another episode of Friday Night Lights.

Setlist Night Two:
Infinite Orbit | Tangle Formations | The Only Moment We Were Alone | Greet Death | Logic of a Dream | Let Me Back In | Disintegration Anxiety | Colors In Space | The Birth and Death of the Day | Memorial 

Words: Robert Castro | Images: Matt Smith