Music | Mile High Holidaze | Afroman at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom | April 21, 2106

The 420 holiday isn't over yet! Our inner Freshman was running to the dispensaries to stock up when we heard Afroman was coming through town to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Despite the waves of bad publicity he has conjured since his Chris Brown-esque episode last year, we were still expecting a wild night rapping every word to “Palmdale” and “Because I Got High”. 

The 'Fro came out freshly picked rocking a white polar bear-esque fur coat with a blunt in one hand and a red solo cup in the other. He also brought out an Epiphone 18 string SG that he surprisingly played quite well. The Ballroom was nice and cloudy, 40oz beers were lined up on the the DJ table and the “drunk rap” had begun! 

Although we knew most of the songs he played and had a great time laughing and dancing, there was a one song we hadn't heard. A newer track he put out last year called “One Hit Wonder” that somewhat depicted the rappers conflicted issues of the way his musical career has played out since his first album in 2001. The song goes over past hits he made and his defensive stance against being called a one hit wonder. Its all good Joseph Edgar Foreman! You keep “smokin’ marijuana like a Woodstock hippy” and “Let’s all get drunk tonight!”’