Music | Residual Kid's "Salsa" EP Release Show | The Hi-Dive, Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday night at the Hi-Dive was full of heavy cords, guitar solos, and young rockers.  If you do not know the band Residual Kid, they might surprise you. Their name means it when it says “Kid” - this trio are couple of under-aged, high energy rock’n’rollers from Austin, Texas.  Comprised of 16-year-old singer and guitarist Deven Ivy, and two brothers, 14-year-old bassist Max and 16-year-old drummer Ben Redman, the group formed when the two brothers met Ivy at a rock camp and started by covering Sonic Youth and Nirvana songs.  Shortly after writing a few of their own songs and playing small venues throughout Austin, they landed a spot playing as an official artist at SXSW where people really started to give them recognition.

 Residual Kid performing at their day party during SXSW 2016 (photo credit: Maddie Casey)

Residual Kid performing at their day party during SXSW 2016 (photo credit: Maddie Casey)

Last Friday was the launch of their 3rd EP, Salsa, and their first major release since announcing their signing to Sire Records (Warner Bros). A step slightly out of the norm, Residual Kid elected to debut their new EP here in Denver, CO rather than playing at home. A choice that may seem odd at first glance, the trio’s management is based in Denver, and over the last three years the band has made Denver a bit of a second home after appearances during the annual Underground Music Showcase (UMS), and opening for Denver acts like Slow Caves and In The Whale. 

On Friday night, the tides had turned, and local favorites Slow Caves started out the night followed by Bud Bronson and the Goodtimers. Slow Caves hails from Fort Collins, and Bud Bronson are a local bunch based in Denver. Slow Caves says they are inspired by late nights in Hollywood, high speed car chases, red eye flights, vintage skateboard videos and new brand of high energy synth-punk who kill it on stage.  Bud Bronson and the Goodtimers rock with a guitar heavy lead and many songs that reminisce on the good times past; the stories of the cheap seats at a Rockies game and getting drunk with friends. Both acts felt like a solid fit to prep the audience in the Hi-Dive for Residual Kid.

 Residual Kid's Deven Ivy feeling "red" at their  Salsa  EP release on Friday, 4/8. (photo credit: Matt Smith)

Residual Kid's Deven Ivy feeling "red" at their Salsa EP release on Friday, 4/8. (photo credit: Matt Smith)

The trio opened the night with “Friend”, a song from their 2012 EP Faces, followed by a song they have not recorded yet, “Vicious”. as well as“ISCTW” off Salsa, that evening’s new release. Playing with an amazing energy, lead singer Deven sang and jumped around stage with uncontrollable passion. It was abundantly clear that both the crowd and the accompanying musicians were elated to have Residual Kid celebrating with them that night. In the front row, members of Slow Caves and Bud Bronson rocked out, dancing and jumping along to the youthful trio. Watching these fellow musicians show their respect and appreciation for Residual Kid was super cool to see, and energized the crowd in a unique way.  The crowd seemed to love the new EP as well as the rest of the set: new, old, or unreleased. Friday’s show at the Hi-Dive was a full crowd, rocking out to songs and having a genuine good time.  Big thanks and love to Denver’s adopted sons Residual Kid for releasing your new EP here in Denver. We can’t wait to see you back.