Music | ALBUM REVIEW: The Circus House-Graceful Jungle

Local Denver collective The Circus House have just released their new album Graceful Jungle. Layering infectious dream like lyrics backed by perfectly complimented sax play, the album takes you on a trance like experience that would be fit for any 80's movie starring a drug fueled Robert Downey Jr., and glittery Molly Ringwald. Opening number "Let Loose" introduces to an almost dreamlike sequence with a hint of gypsy undertones that bloom once Sean Culliton's saxophone play enters the fray. The album's stand out tracks are carefully layered into a masterpiece by Armando Garibay without overindulging into a repetitive process. Listening to this was like a midnight drive down the Sunset strip with neon lights glaring and drop top weather, a perfect soundtrack for the casual voyage. Vocalist Anna Smith and Jillian Grutta compliment each other with an ease that only brings the songs to life with anticipation of where the next track will take us. A truly enjoyable album that we recommend. We don't have any fancy cliché album rating system here at Ultra5280, but if we did this would be certified lit (insert flame emoticon). We suggest you give it a listen!

Standout Tracks: "In Control", "Baby It's Time", and "Old Star".