Typhy's "Uncanny" Revisits The Glory Days of Hip Hop In His Debut And It Shines On All Levels

Upon first listen I was automatically transformed to the heyday of hip hop and the East Coast game runners that topped the charts of the late and mid 90's. Influences conjured up memories of the likes of Mobb Deep, NaS, Busta Rhymes and Ghostface Killah. On production duty is Blue Ave, he captures the listeners attention with gritty street anthems, complimented perfect with the lyrical sharpness of Typhy who has a no holds barred approach that demands attention. On "Guerrilla Warfare," shades of Bon Iver's signature falsetto take us to a place where Typhy unleashes bars that just want to make your head bop.

On "80's Music" Typhy receives a Chris Paul assist from one of our favorite local crooners Kid Astronaut (Jon Shockness), one of the stand out tracks on the album, the hook and chorus are infectious (we have had it on repeat at the office for a  hot minute).

Haunting opening synths on "Palpitate," take us on a journey of real life experiences and the everyday life lessons that we learn, additional vocals by Sur Ellz make this track standout as well.

Typhy approaches each song without doing too much and letting himself feel comfortable without the overproduction that we hear with today's artist. He keeps it real and honest and that's something we can get down with.

Denver if you are looking for something new and fresh we suggest this album, it hits on many levels and for a hot minute gives a chance to revisit some of the pioneers that laid the foundation and inspiration for artist like Typhy.