Sturgill Simpson Leaves His Mark On Denver With Two Amazing Performances This Past Weekend.

After two sold out performances this past weekend Sturgill Simpson and company left a lasting impression on the Denver crowd. We had a chance to check out his performance Friday night for what equated to an almost two hour set spanning a mix of his complete discography. The acclaimed  singer's unique and unparalleled delivery to country music has made him one of the most sought after live acts in the business today. With his unique drawl often compared to the legendary Waylon Jennings, Simpson delivers with an old school country vibe mixed in with a soulful vibe that brings a fresh appeal to the country music genre. A genre whose identity is at the forefront of discussion on what many have labeled "bro country" with the recent amount of acts that have intertwined the genres legendary roots with hints of more pop friendly undertones.

Simpson keeps it old school with his sharp lyrics and one of the most complete backing bands in the business. Often during the set Simpson would allow his band to shine with solo interludes that would showcase each members incredible talent. From horns to winds, to a bass line that would make anybody jealous, the show was consistent from the get go. Incorporating a few covers including the 80's classic "The Promise" by When In Rome as well as the now famous cover of Nirvana's "In Bloom", it was the original material that got the best applause. From opening number "Living The Dream" to "Call To Arms", it was an unforgettable night for new fans as well as old. Currently sitting on one of the best albums of the year we wouldn't be surprised if Simpson sweeps many of the "Best of" lists this year.