New Music From Token Bad Girl K. Flay | EP Review: Crush Me

When you need a little bad girl build up, we highly recommend the songstress that is K. Flay. Crush Me, her new 4 song EP is her first with Interscope Records, Imagine Dragon’s front man Dan Reynold’s new label. The infectious, lo-fi, indie, hip-hop sounds of this EP are exactly what your ears need. 

Through powerful lyrics and her unique style, K. Flay turns pain and angst into a celebratory learning experience, while simultaneously creating basslines that you just want to move with. 
Blood In The Cut is the first track and single on Crush Me, the song starts with a simple guitar/percussion combo that quickly turns rock n’ roll with an indie flare. Passionate lyrics about needing to feel something other than angsty, teen heartbreak make you want to shimmy and let your hair loose. Definitely one for the rock divas! 

Track two and a significant change in sound from the first, Hollywood Forever starts out slow and ghostly, nostalgic of the end of summer. “In the dark everything looks better, Whoa”, a line out of the song that brings light to what life must be like in a place where so many facades exist. We’d consider this one Lana approved!

The third track, Dreamers, immediately makes us think of artist Mike Posner, with a feminine twist. The song boasts a brass section, pretty heavy percussion layered under K. Flay’s enchanting hip hop flow. This track showcases her musical influences and growth as an artist while also highlighting a deeper, emotional side of our queen of badassery. K. Flay reminds us that there is optimism and strength  in not being afraid to want more out of life (Side note: the hustle has never been so rhythmic). 

The last track, You Felt Right, is the bow that ties Flay’s 4 song EP together. In this instance, falling for the wrong man, learning what you need and deserve isn’t always easy, but has gracefully been turned into a lesson for the books and a song we can’t get out of our head. Highly reflective, K. Flay uses her experience as empowerment and made some jams that anyone can get down to. 

We anticipate great things from this powerful lady, and look forward to seeing her showcase some of that sass when she hits Denver in November!

Review: Lina Skrzypczak