ACL Late Night: M83 Electrified A Late Night Crowd at ACL Live

Anthony Gonzalez has always pushed the boundaries of his musical imagination with his band M83. With a slew of albums to contest from, the band played a very intimate late night set during ACL at The Moody Theatre. About to embark on the second leg of the Junk Tour Gonzalez and company entertained the capacity crowd with their electronic-dance music we have all come to love. Mixing new and old Gonzalez commanded the stage like a conductor giving us a emphatic edition of "Reunion" to open up the set. Hits such as "Oblivion", "We Own The Sky", and "Midnight City", had everybody snap-chatting away for that precious fifteen second of video they will probably only view once in their life. Gonzalez's unwillingness and energy are truly captured in every song, even when they slow things down, particularly with "Wait" which had the crowd singing in the chorus in perfect unison. The buzz amongst the crowd was heard saying it was the best M83 show they had encountered. A great show indeed, we couldn't argue with that.

They played an earlier set the day before at ACL, but a band like M83 needs to be seen a cozy club/venue to get the full experience of their lighting presentation, it brings a whole new feel to their live show. Such was the case at what I consider one of the best venues in the country. If you ever get a chance to see a show here we highly recommend it. (In fact we will be back here later this week for live tapings from Band of Horses and Foals).

M83 Setlist: Reunion | Doit, Try It | Steve McQueen | We Own The Sky | Intro | Road Blaster | Oblivion | Sitting | Wait | Bibi the Dog | Go | Midnight City | Outro | Encore: Couleurs | Love Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun