Music | Riot Fest | The National Western Complex | Friday: Photo Essay

Well it's been a week and it looks like things have finally gotten back to normal from last week's Riot Fest, it took us a whole week to recover. Now that we have we want to share some of the amazing photos we captured through the eyes of Robert Castro, Matt Smith and Liz Whitman. 

Ice Cube (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

The festival took on a new venue this year as it invaded the grounds of The National Western Complex. At firs we were skeptical on how it would fit in, and honestly it worked out great from a logistic standpoint. With an array of stages spread out across the grounds it was easy to maneuver from band to band. With the exception of a few spontaneous dust pits the vantage points were pretty good from all areas. 

Iggy Pop (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Friday night was one for the ages as hip hop ruled the day. Old school veterans such as De La Soul, Cypress Hill and Ice Cube all put up worthy performances with Ice Cube stealing the night as he brought out OG N.W.A. member MC Ren and DJ Yella along with his son O'Shea Jackson Jr. to perform a slew of old school hits. With a movie destroying the box office, it was only right to showcase one of hip hops ambassadors. Other notable performances were Benjamin Booker with an early blues set. The legendary Iggy Pop who still maintains an tremendous amount of energy during his live shows played to a full stage hitting us with hits from his solo career as well as with his time with The Stooges. Closing out the night was Armenian rockers System of a Down who completely set the stage on fire with their unique sound. Serj and the boys played from their entire catalog as the crowd enjoyed every minute of their set.

Friday's Best Photos: Liz Whitman and Robert Castro