Music | Chet Faker | The Gothic Theatre | August 4th | Review

We feel for you Kim K.   After experiencing Chet Faker's beautifully blinding light show this past Tuesday evening, we now understand what it's like to be bombarded by paparazzi. But at least ours was to the symphonic tune of Baby Maker, Chet Faker.  Faker definitely knows how to command the attention of the crowd, whether it be by demanding silence and no phones (we feel you Chet) or through the use of blinding lights.. he has a stage presence that makes you stop, panty drop and listen. 

After selling out The Gothic in record time, he had to abate the hysterical, swooning masses by announcing a second show. And to everyone's amazement that too sold out. An eternal testament to the power of great vocals and an obtusely fresh take on music. Faker is the love child of Hozier and The Weeknd but with more of a DGAF attitude. And we couldn't ask for anything more. You do you baby boy. We're digging what you're laying down. And by the looks of it so is Denver. 

The highlight of our evening was Faker's Moonlight Van Morrison cover. It can only be what we imagine teenagers hear in their sex muddled minds each time they dream about losing their virginity. It combines childhood memories with steamy romps in the sheets and leaves us with the perfect dose of nostalgia and weak knees. Faker has a way of taking songs and making them his. In our eyes, he now owns "Moondance" - who is that Van guy? (JK Van we love you, xoxo forever). 

Another memorable note was his plea to the audience to put down our technology and just focus on living in the present. A valiant effort, but to our dismay a few bros decided they couldn't live without Snapchatting 'No Diggity' to their other bro friends. We get it, it's a great song, but don't be THAT guy. No one likes you. We're on Chet's side when it comes to this because we too understand what it was like to go to a concert and not be distracted by the glow of iPhones....We listened to you though. Do we get a gold star? Or maybe you can just follow us around and sing our thoughts?  .... The ball's in your court.  

So far Chet Faker's appearance at The Gothic Theatre is topping our top 5 shows in 2015. We'll be reliving your silky dance moves and dark and mysterious voice for lots of lonely nights to come.   ;)

PS: We heard some sex craved teens saying that they'd happily fuck your voice... so there's that to look forward to next time you come to Denver. 

Words: McClain Morris 

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