Music | Getting to Know: Crl Crrll and Mister Freedom (F.Lawless & Neon Brown) | Interview

Red Bull Sound Select takes over Denver once again tomorrow night with a pretty awesome lineup. DJ Low Key who needs no introduction has been at the helm of the Red Bull revolution bringing in some of the finest in Hip Hop, R&B, soul and more. If you haven't RSVP'ed yet we won't judge you, but we will ask you to leave the premises. Check out this exclusive interview (each artist interviews each other) that talks about influences, concepts, to eating an over easy egg out of a wet towel. 

Photo Credit: Robert Castro

CRL CRRLL interviews F.Lawless & Neon Brown (aka the duo known as Mister Freedom)

CRL CRRLL: What is Mister Freedom?  

F.Lawless: "Mister Freedom" is a duo, and it is a concept/montage album. Mister Freedom is a glimpse into the mind of an American. Mister Freedom is observant, Mister Freedom has a stance on politics and its indiscretions, Mister Freedom is righteous, and ignorant at the same time. Mister Freedom is emotional, and emotionless at the same time. Mister Freedom lives in blissful ignorance at times, and is also completely aware of his surrounding and situations in others. I feel like mister freedom embodies a lot of american sensibilities.  

Neon Brown: Mister Freedom is collaboration between MC FL and Producer Neon Brown. It is the concept of freedom in a world that is locked up by oppression, trends, and arrogance.

CRL CRRLL: I thought when I first heard the concept it was the name of an artist? 

F.Lawless: We kind of wanted it to come off that way haha.  We wanted you to question the album, who, and what Mister Freedom is as a whole.  

CRL CRRLL: What's your favorite track on the album?

Neon Brown: My favorite track on the record would have to be Mister Freedom ft. CRL CRRLL. That is one creepy, smooth tune.

F.Lawless: Personally, Suites for smalls is my favorite.  It is a very layered, complex record, and has alot of feelings embedded in it.  

CRL CRRLL: I would compare this collaboration similar to a early Outkast one where one of you guys is kinda out there and one of you guys is like the rap genius what would you say your biggest influence has been?

Neon Brown: I love that comparison, FL has definitely been influenced by a lot of Outkast lately and I am a huge fan. At the time of creating the MF instrumentals I was listening to Frank Zappa “Were Only In It For The Money” and Johnny Greenwood’s “The Master’ soundtrack.   

F.Lawless: For me Gangstarr, Run the Jewels, Madlib, Dilla, Cannibal Ox and Company Flow. It has a classic hip hop feel to it, but at the same time it blends genre's at times and becomes something different.  Neon and I were toying with the idea of calling the Genre "Future Nostalgia" 

CRL CRRLL: If your last meal was tomorrow what would it be??     

Neon Brown: Pizza.  

Photo Credit: Focus4Design

F.Lawless: I like seafood so probably surf and turf. Steak and Lobster. I'd like to go out with a bang!

CRL CRRLL: Shout outs?? 

F.Lawless: Shouts out to my Foodchain family, shout out to Young Amsterdam family. Shouts to DJ Low Key for believing in me, and making me a Red Bull Sound Select artist, and shouts out to all the fans and supporters of the music, and the movements I'm a part of.

Neon Brown: Shout out to everyone that put forth any effort with this album, Chelsea Chorpenning, Fast4ward, CRL CRRLL, Deca, Vast Aire, FL, Jake Sanders, Java Tunson, Jerod Sarlo, Charlie Mertens, Damien Hines, Shane Mccallister, Austin Matthews, and Mark Clifford. 


Mister Freedom Interviews CRL CRRLL

Mister Freedom: What is the concept behind the new EP? 

CRL CRRLL: Concept behind the new EP is wavy live basement cuts. Instrumental drivin with just enough distortion and Lofi grit to make it feel like you just popped in a cassette tape and your driving down ocean drive with the top down. 

Mister Freedom: What pushed you to make two eps rather than one?

CRL CRRLL: I had allot of influential things happen in my life the past two years and I wanted to create two different types of feeling one def had a more electro r&b feel and the other had that analogy organic feel. Almost like two different short films with similar direction. Plus I wanted to spread out on my creativity music and art.

Mister Freedom: You've made some big moves in the past year and a half, what's next for CRL CRRLL?

CRL CRRLL: Next is prob some projects with some pretty notable artists in not a name dropper, so we'll just let that ride out and you'll have to see. Also, getting out of the U.S. a little this next year to explore the world of music. 

Mister Freedom: If you had to chose between shaving a wet dog that has psoriosis or eating an over easy egg out of a wet towel, which would you chose?

Photo Credit: Chelsea Chorpenning

CRL CRRLL: Ha! This has got to be a Neon Brown question! I would probably pick shaving the wet dog because at least someone is benefitting out of it...

Mister Freedom: What's your process for figuring out your show sets? Where do you start?

CRL CRRLL: Ahh I see what you did here..! Your just trying to take my big secret..! No real crazy process I just play what I dig try to keep my music and art together and let it just flow. Daniel Hogans  my drummer who's in a number of projects is good at improvising on my randomness. 

Mister Freedom: What are your major influences?

CRL CRRLL: My major influences are usually my friends and fam there movements and art and the way they live life inspire me to create and keep on doing what I do the benefits of being around creative people all the time is that it rubs off. 

You can catch these cats this Saturday night for what should be a hell of a great time.