Music | Young Buffalo | Tour Diary | Denver, Colorado

We recently had the privilege of hosting the fine gentlemen of Young Buffalo in our great city. The band played last night at The Marquis Theatre as part of their current tour. They were generous enough to share their tour diary with us as they embark to their next stop in Omaha, Nebraska. Be sure to keep following the band as they will continue posting their adventures on tour. [ Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram]

Starting the day right... Capri for the win.

Worlds most expensive gas

Our early morning drive through beautiful Utah

Drive through the Rockies!

Ben and some local color

Highest city in the states they say

They served us big pizza. Freakishly big.

Judging by the photos it looks like the band had a great time. Be sure you check them out on their current tour in a city near you and also be sure to check out their recent cover of the Beach Boy's "Hang Onto Your Ego".