Music | Ratatat | The Ogden Theatre | April 5

Ratatat (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

We are still in the process of recovering our hearing from last Sunday's epic Ratatat show at The Ogden Theatre. Turns out you can still sell out a show without even a hint of a new album or tour cycle. "It's been seventeen years..."just kidding, more like three years since we last saw Ratatat in the Mile High, which just might be too long for our liking (that was a pretty feeble attempt at using one of their lyrics if you didn't notice). The duo brought their wailing guitars, distorted bleebs, and a fair amount of laser visuals to the sold out crowd this past week. Flanked by a huge giant projector the band displayed an array of images from geographic shapes to images we have seen from their previous covers behind them throughout the evening. Playing the hits we have come to know and love, these crowd favorites had the band feeding off the wild frenzy of the theatre. Songs like "Loud Pipes", "Seventeen Years", and "Gettysburg" left the sold out crowd fiending for more beginning to end of the set. The Brooklyn duo have been cranking out hits for awhile now, and while many in the audience were expecting a new song or two, it was the classics that kept the audience wanting more. A few tuning issues aside it was one of the best concerts in Denver this year, an agreed upon sentiment we overheard from many members of the audience while exiting the venue that night.

Yup it was this kind of show (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

The epic guitar solo front and center (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

This tour will be taking them on a quick 11-city run, culminating with Coachella performances during both weekends of the festival. If you are a fan of dance music and/or spectacular visuals, we highly recommend you take the time to try and catch Ratatat on this quick run if at all possible. You will be throughly impressed by this traveling caravan of awesomeness, and we can assure that when this group's highly anticipated album (alleged to be titled LP5) finally drops, tickets for the following tour cycle will sell faster than flat screens on Black Friday. This deliciously experimental group have been the seminal representation of the rock-meets-electronica since they're debut release in 2004, and with good reason. We know we'll be sure to not miss another Ratatat show, and hope you follow suit.

- Castro