Music | Ticket Pulse: What Are You Doing Tonight Denver?

Oh service fees, the two words that always arouse negative connotations among music fans. With a rise in ticket prices and the addition of "service fees", going to check out your favorite band has almost become impossible for the average joe. Lucky for us, Ticket Pulse is coming to Denver. Ticket Pulse will bring additional life to the thriving Denver music scene, helping us avoid that most pesky of problems for the concert goer.

Ticket Pulse, a Denver based startup, has launched their initial registration campaign. The startup helps independent music venues introduce people to new music while at the same time increasing show attendance. Every night they offer a select number of last minute tickets, at only the best prices, to concert newbies and dedicated venue rats alike.

There is no mass marketing with Ticket Pulse, sign up gives you access to their list of featured shows and you will only hear about shows in the genres you've told Ticket Pulse that you love.  With a motto of “No fees, no bullshit”, don’t expect to pay any ridiculous convenience charges on top of the listed ticket fare: the price you see is the price you pay. The business they generate flows directly back to the venues and artists, investing back into the Denver music scene. The best part? Simply tell your friends about it, as soon as they sign up, you can start earning free tickets to shows of your choice. 

Ticket Pulse is ready to bring new life into the already thriving Denver scene. They work with local Denver promoters to bring you the best shows Denver has to offer, every night of the week. Check out to sign up.