Music | New Music Tuesday: An Interview with DREAMERS

Did you make it out to the Stone Temple Pilots show here in Denver this past week? Chances are if you got there early, you got a quick taste of one of the nation's hottest rising alternative groups - DREAMERS. Based in New York, this trio of musicians plays a unique blend of indie alternative that hints at east coast summers spent in a psychedelic haze. Check out our interview below with the band from last week's show. 

for this interview, questions asked by Ultra5280 will be marked with "MC" for Maddie Casey, and answers will be marked with "D" for DREAMERS

MC: There is a "manifesto" on your website; as if it's a mission statement for the band. Where did this manifesto come from?
D: The Dream Manifesto came from the genesis of the band - we wanted to make something that people could connect to, and we wanted to do it by connecting with them.  The manifesto is our way of recognizing the efficacy of spiritual and mental change - sometimes we find ourselves misled into patterns of negative thinking, and having a manifesto is a way to take back the reins of your own mind. We wanted to share that with people, and hear what they had to share, too; we've gotten a lot of wildly creative dreams and responses from them.  Keep em coming, guys

MC: Is this what it means to be DREAMER?
D: Anyone can be a Dreamer. Our manifesto is an invitation and a call to action. Our mission is to connect, inspire, influence and transcend.  It's why we became musicians instead of bankers!  Anyone that holds themselves to these ideals is a Dreamer.

MC: You all have been playing music together for awhile - first as Motive, and now as DREAMERS. what changed creatively and personally to allow this transition between the two groups?
D: There was a small period between the two bands, but it was clear that we still had a lot to say after Motive - actually, the change opened up a lot of new energy for us. But Dreamers itself never would have been what it is without Nelson. Once we met him, we knew what to do with the stuff we'd been working on in the interim between the two bands, and it sort of expanded in all directions from there.

MC: What affect has the east coast had on your music? Seattle to Brooklyn is quite a transition in countless ways, but especially in the artistic surroundings of each space.
D: We're all fans of 90's grunge. It's deep in our stylistic DNA, but we aren't really a "grunge" band. Living and creating in Brooklyn means constantly being exposed to artists of all mediums taking risks, challenging you to become better, to work harder. At the same time, there is this generous collaborative spirit. Everyone inspiring and influencing everyone else. We think coming up in NYC as a band is like being in a kiln, taking on form by the flames, and at the same time immersed in a rich and constantly evolving palette of sound and color and culture.

MC: Your group seems to pride yourselves on the ability to continue to progress and succeed as an "unsigned" act. What do you feel is the most significant benefit to your group staying independent? 
D: Staying independent this far has been fascinating - we were surprised at some of the benefits, like the distinction of being the only independent artist to stay on Alt 18 for as long as we have.  We also haven't had to answer to anyone creatively, and while it can be tough at times to go out on the road without tour support, there's been a lot of pride in our self-funded vans and trailers and merch and everything like that. It's cool to know that these days you just don't need a ton of bells and whistles to make music. It's a great time for musicians.

MC: DREAMERS has had the chance to open for some well known groups in the past two years, but now you're out with Stone Temple Pilots, which is massive. What's that been like?
D: It's been like a supernova. A cosmic explosion raining shards of rock lightning. We grew up listening to their music. Going onstage before them every night in packed venues is one of those things where its like "hey, this is really happening". A dream becoming reality becoming a dream.  As people, STP also happen to be as cool and generous as they are top-tier musicians and performers.

MC: Do you feel like the STP fan base has been receptive to your unique brand of music? 
D: STP has some of the greatest fans we've ever met. A lot of them might not know who we are, but at every show, they're there to see us, crowding the barrier in the front and listening. We've been able to hang out with a lot of them after shows and they're really fun to talk to.  It makes sense, because the guys of STP themselves have been incredible. The whole experience has been packed with generosity and good vibes.

MC: For fans who fall in love with you at your show in Denver this week, when can we see you next?
D: At this time, we don't have any more shows booked in Colorado. Of course, we will be coming back through eventually because we had an amazing time and were treated so well. There was, quite literally, something in the air in Denver that we appreciate.  In the mean time, please come say "hi" on Twitter and Facebook. More music and cosmic thrills are imminent...