Covenhoven | Exclusive Video Premiere

Colorado's token mountain man, Joel van Horne is at it again. We know him for his rustic, down home music and sweet demeanor. Where his previous releases prompt memories of growing up in the woods and weekend getaways in the mountains with friends. Yet, there is something different and symphonic about his latest debut. Joel's voice coupled with the myriad of instruments creates something new and totally unique to anything we've heard form Van Horne before. "Missing Parts" is wholesome, emotion provoking and raw. We are able to see a side of Covenhoven that's been hidden in the caves of the Rocky Mountains for the past decade. This video or new side of Van Horne is not to be missed.

So stay tuned because their newest video, "Missing Parts" is just one part of an episode of "Now Playing" that will air at 10 pm this Saturday (Feb. 21) on CPT 12 in Colorado.