Music | Plum EP Release and Review | Light Years, Dark Years

Denver local boys have just released their new EP Light Years, Dark Years and will be celebrating with a release party December 11th at The Hi-Dive. You can find more information here. We were able to get our hands on the EP a few days early and wanted to chime in with our review. The five track EP hits us with a mix of fuzz guitars and a true throwback to the days of The Doors and modern day version psych rock masters Tame Impala. The three piece conjours up sounds you would think could only be pulled off by a traditional five piece. We have had a few chances to see these guys live and we have always been in a situation where we are transcended (without the use of recreational drugs) into a time in which music had no boundaries and could be expressed via carefully orchestrated lyrics and freedom to express one's self. On this EP we are felt with a sense of a combination of blues influenced tracks such as the title track of the EP name "Light Years, Dark Years", a riff reminiscent of that of early Black Keys material. The next track “Cosmic Vice”, takes us on a trippy ride with it’s opening wallowing guitars. Vocalist haunting voice carries us over and commands full attention to the point of having us break into a hippie dance when all is said and done. Our favorite track on the EP, "Drip", is a well orchestrated example of all three members complementing each other for a track that just makes you want to bop your head up and down (maybe even through in some air guitar). On "Love is in the Air" you get a no holds barred, straight in your face rock and roll gem, with hints of some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club mixed in, the one track on the EP that seemed more rock than the others, an infectious chorus that lays into some easy to sing along lyrics. The EP is a gem that will keep us warm and fuzzy for the upcoming winter months and we suggest you pick it up. Be sure to join us this Friday as we present the EP release at Hi-Dive. 

-Robert Castro