Music | of Montreal | The Bluebird Theater | October 28 | Review and Photos

of Montreal kicked off the Halloween weekend in Denver at the Bluebird Theater on Wednesday night. The crowd was full of tacos, hot dogs, mermaids, and men dressed in beautiful ball gowns. of Montreal always delivers a sensational performance full of costumes, intricate projections and best of all their fantastic, danceable music. This eclectic performance was the perfect way to kick of Halloween. 

Diane Coffee opened the show with heavily 70’s style influenced soul ballads. Diane Coffee is headed by Shaun Fleming, who is also the drummer for Foxygen. Having broken his foot a couple days earlier, Fleming limped onto the stage using a cane. As soon as the music started though, Fleming was jumping around energetically. His energy will probably not allow his foot to heal anytime soon, but it did lend to a great performance to watch. 

of Montreal was introduced to the stage by a character wearing a cape and a muscle morph suit. He gave an elegant, inspirational speech that urged the crowd to let go of their inhibitions tonight, enjoy the music, and dance the night away. When he welcomed of Montreal’s frontman, Kevin Barnes, to the stage the fans were ecstatic. As the evening progressed, each song brought new projected visualizations, and more people in morph suits to the stage. It was a dazzling evening. -Liz Whitman