Music | Review - One Flew West "Selective Memory" EP

Tomorrow night, One Flew West are hosting their sold out EP Release show at The Larimer Lounge, and lucky for you, we got a sneak preview of their new Selective Memory EP, as well as a pair of tickets to send you to the show!

It’s safe to say that we’ve been obsessed with One Flew West since Denver was first introduced to this folk-pop sextet through KTCL 93.3’s “Hometown For The Holidays” competition last winter. Their first single, “Kind of Love” has all the trappings of a successful radio single: witty lyrics, a deceivingly addicting chorus, and the gentle addition of horns, bringing the song new life with it’s playful inclusion. 

The new Selective Memory EP steps up to the expectations set by the single, proving that One Flew West is more than a one hit wonder with solid songs to stand on, and room for these young artists to continue to grow. Opening track “Had it All” begins with a tantalizing melody line reminiscent of early 2000’s rock from the likes of Third Eye Blind and Something Corporate, accompanied by a heartwarming trumpet that immediately gets your head bobbing. Lead singer Linden Jackson’s voice glides through verses and chorus' with an ease and timbre that feels as familiar as your favorite drink on a Friday night. Nothing about this EP feels forced or out of place, a welcome change compared to so many artists who are focusing on trying to stand out, rather than standing up with solid music.

We get a taste of their “rock” side with the track “Motion Sickness”, featuring gang vocals and driven guitars on the chorus. The rest of the EP takes the quieter route, with tracks “In The Water” and “These Old Bones”, a touching sentiment that’s sure to tug on listener’s heartstrings. 

One Flew West’s debut does exactly what an EP should for any young band. Without backing themselves into one particular corner, the group plays their cards just right and showcases variety in their songwriting, while establishing themselves as solid performers with a good understanding of their musical identity. If there’s one thing you take away from Selective Memory, it’s that this band very clearly has a story to tell. Catchy lyrics that are easily relatable paired with familiar melodies, this EP is easy listening for anyone regardless of musical taste. A great diving board for the band, we’re curious to see what comes next. 

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