Music | Austin City Limits Music Festival | Saturday (Day Two) | Review and Photos

The sun setting on a wonderful day two of the festival. (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Day two of the festival had us up early to catch some amazing sets, one thing that sets this festival apart from others is the fact that we get to hear bands play earlier sets that then end up becoming household names in a couple years. First on the agenda was the smooth, romantic sounds of Father John Misty who as always put it all on display. With heartfelt lyrics and emotional and sometimes sexually driven gyrating it had everybody in the crowd hot (and not from the sun). He took his antics to the crowd as they only fed his energy for the rest of his set.

 Mandy Lee of Misterwives.(Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Mandy Lee of Misterwives.(Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

We love music al acts that feed off the energy of the crowd, one particular band we have been following for some time now is Misterwives (in fact we will be seeing them in Denver this coming Friday). Mandy Lee lead singer controls the stage from the opening numbers prancing and dancing non stop through the whole set. The infectious pop lyrics resonated with the younger crowd as a few radio favorite hits could be heard sung in unison through their set. A fun energetic band, we are always a sucker for their bubble gum laced songs that bring us nothing but joy.

Josh Dun of twenty one pilots (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

One of the most talked about buzz bands of this year would certainly be twenty one pilots. In fact we got a chance to see them recently during their epic performance at Red Rocks just a few short weeks ago. Talk about all out energy. the duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun play a unique combination of an indie-spoken word hybrid that channels early Beastie Boys mixed in with a little Eminem all while slaying drums and even a mandolin make an appearance. The duo had the most crowded stage for all of the early sets, and while temperatures reached the upper 90's the band played an almost flawless set while the crowd ate it all up.. Truly a performance that will be talked about in the future from this up and coming duo.

A$AP Rocky has been on our radar for a long time now and for many he can beat a hit or miss act. We've been following A$AP since his early days during his small SXSW sets in the past. An artist who has truly grown from the perspective of not only a well versed rapper, but also an overall performer. A$AP weekend two performance was absolutely brilliant. Performing in what seemed a throwback 50's diner setup he blasted through many of his well known hits that have put him at the top of hip hop's elite classification. Riding the tails of his new album it gave the audience a chance to listen to one of the best albums this year live and a performance that truly resonated and got the crowd hyped for the rest of the night. The night ended with memorable sets from Drake and deadmau5 who played opposite ends of each others headlining stages.