The desert is calling us back. Today marks the beginning of festival season to me, as the Coachella lineup was officially announced this afternoon. Every year, this day is what gives fans permission to finally start daydreaming and planning for the return of outdoor festivals, palm trees, and summertime once again...and after these past two weeks of ice, slush and snow? I couldn't be more ready. I haven't seen a lineup this eclectic from Coachella for a few years, and it's got me pretty excited.

What name did you scream out loud as you read it off the list? What names can you not believe aren't there? Share with us in the comments section below, and we can all start daydreaming together. 

Tickets for the festival become available tomorrow (1/7/15) at 12pm PST/1pm MST, and as usual, they will go fast. Don't sit on this and wait, friends! Coachella is one of those things that you've got to experience at least once. Grab your flower headband, your swim trunks, and your earplugs, and brace yourselves.

The desert is calling, are you ready?