Wiredogs | Marquis Theatre | January 24, 2015

Last week we gave you guys a sneak preview of Wiredogs new, upcoming EP Kill The Artist Hype The Trash, and over the weekend the band premiered their new songs to the rest of the universe with their show at The Marquis Theatre on Saturday night. Fans new, old, and of a variety of ages all came out to support the Denver punk-rockers, and get a taste of the bands new, solidified musical direction. With a little help from friends in Slow Caves and Allout Helter, it was a solid night for all parties. 

photo by Matt Smith

Opening the night were fellow local acts Slow Caves and Allout Helter. Fort Collins-based Slow Caves took the stage promptly at 8:00pm, playing what our photographer Matt Smith described as "fast-paced-snare-and-high-hat-punk". The group's music was certainly the lightest of the evening, but don't mistake this fact as a knock on the band, as I really love their music. Driving rhythms, and upbeat pop-punk rhythms kept fans moving for the duration of their 30-minute set. If you showed up late, or missed the show, fear not. Us Denverites will be graced with their presence once again on February 18th as they play with White Arrows and Shady Elders at the Larimer Lounge. Next up was Allout Helter, bringing with them a quick and forceful change of pace. Easily the heaviest band on the bill, the group's high energy was contagious, and got fans rocking and moving. 

By the time Wiredogs took to the stage, the audience was definitely all warmed up and ready to go. Playing a mix of both new and old songs, it was apparent that lead singer Dan Aid, and the rest of the band were giving it their all. Fan favorite tracks like songs “Chelsea Hotel” and “Stone On My Chest” summoned sing-alongs from audience members, and the boys from Slow Caves took little time to start a mosh-pit in the crowd. The band took a minute to explain to fans that they’d recorded their new album live, playing songs track-by-track, rather than instrument-by-instrument to help ensure that all the passion and energy that one feels at their live show came though on the record, and if you remember from my review from last week, I can most certainly feel that difference. Closing the show with songs like “I Am The Resistance”, and new tracks “The Fear Is A Lie”, fans got a great taste of this new sound from Wiredogs. If you missed the show, check out photos from our photographer Matt Smith below and try to pretend you were right there, rocking along. The band is currently out on a quick west coast tour, but should be back to Denver playing shows through the rest of the spring. For now you can quench your thirst for fast-paced punk rock by streaming the new EP, Kill The Artist Hype The Trash on Spotify.