Locals Only | Breach & Bellow Timelapse Music Video, "The Sun Will Rise"

This weeks Local's Only feature is not only a beautiful visual tribute to the state, but also a awesome showcase of our state's musical talent. Jesse Spencer is a drummer who's performed in many different groups throughout Denver's music scene over the years: The Wild After, Leash of Foxes, Ivory Circle, but recently he's released his first full-length solo record the moniker Breach & Bellow. Mr. Spencer hopped in his Jeep this past November for twelve days to explore the landscape of Colorado and all the magic it has to offer. The result of Jesse's adventure has culminated in a beautiful time-lapse video for the album's second single, "The Sun Will Rise". Featuring backing vocals from Ivory Circle front-woman Connie Hong, this video is not only a dynamic visual of the Rocky Mountains one does not usually see, but also is super cool introduction to one of Denver's newest groups. There are no dates booked to see Breach & Bellow live as of now, but check out the stunning video below and let us know what you think!