How To Survive The UMS

Ultra5280's Survival Gear for The UMS

Ultra5280's Survival Gear for The UMS

It is that time of year again in Denver, time for our most beloved "tiny" little music festival we like to call The UMS. This will be our fourth year in a row covering this event and we couldn't be more excited. Being that it is our fourth year, we like to consider ourselves seasoned veterans of the festival. It takes awhile to get things figured out, such as best venues, where to park, where to eat, what to wear....the list goes on. Back in March we wrote a piece on "How to survive SXSW", and seeing how The UMS is our own version of the world renowned festival we thought we could give you some survival tips. 

1. Gold Bond Medicated (fellas trust us on this one, you don't want to be around day 4 w/out this)

2. Obligatory Koozie

3. Granola Bar (If you are like us running around non-stop, you don't have time to eat, bring a couple of these to hold you over until you get to Illegal Pete's at 1:00 A.M. to feed your drunk ass)

4. Lip Balm (it's dry, hot and you don't want to be licking your lips like LL Cool J every five minutes)

5. A Sharpie (You'll need it for when you want to get your Real Estate vinyl album signed)

6. Condoms (It's The UMS, the musicians shouldn't be the only ones getting lucky)

7. Mophie Juice Pack (Your phone will die! You will tweet. You will Instagram. You will take selfies)

8. Topo Design Klettersack (Best pack for any festival, besides you need something that's gonna hold all the shit we just talked about)

9. Hand Sanitizer (It's not as bad as Colfax, but South Broadway is it's dirty cousin)

10. Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation XL (It's one thing to have a backup battery, but this beast will power your device up to 8X, plus your friends will most certainly be bugging you to charge their phones as well)

11. Extra charger and cable (Better safe than sorry)

12. The Hangover Recovery Shot (Chances are you will be hungover one of the days, if not all)

13. Cash (Unless you are willing to pay ridiculous service ATM fees, bring a couple stacks)

14. Ibuprofen (Almost a necessity by day four)

15. Business cards (you will hand out these like candy, plus we like to lay claim we have the best business cards in Denver)

16. iPhone (No need to explain)

17. Hat (It's supposed to be hot this weekend, protect yourself, it can be any type, sombrero, baseball, top hat, we've seen them all)

18. Nike Roshe Run (Chances are you will find Castro rocking a different color each day, you will do a lot of walking, the trek from Moe's to Pete's is the toughest in the game, you don't want to be that person who's feet hurt and ends up at The Hornet drinking all day)

19. A camera (Doesn't matter what size or shape, best bands to photograph: In The Whale, A. Tom Collins, Residual Kid, Total Ghost,)

20. A flask..wink wink (filled with water of course, we want to support the local bars by buying shots)

Not Pictured: Water, Sunscreen, Band-Aids, Ear Plugs, A Light Sweater. Sunglasses.