of Montreal | Bluebird Theatre | October 8th, 2014

Of Montreal, photo credit: Matt Smith

Last night our photo hound Matt Smith was sucked in a psychedelic black hole by of Montreal at the Bluebird Theatre. Featuring a slew of crazy costumes, wild visuals projected behind them, and even crazier dancers on stage amidst the performance, this eclectic super-show was just that: a wild show for all to try. 

Openers Pillar Point kicked off the night with some ambient rock, with tones reminiscent of surf rock of the 50's. A wonderful band to set the tone of the evening, listeners settled in easily at the beginning of the night, bobbing their heads to songs like "Cherry" and "Diamond Mine". Vocalist Scott Reitherman was accompanied on stage by a drummer and synth player, whiel he held down vocals, guitars, and keys as well. Despite a quick set, we were enthralled, and curious for more. 

photo credit: Matt Smith

of Montreal made haste when taking to the stage, and getting right into their eclectic visual barrage. Described by Matt as "dancey, jam-band-ish, and funky all wrapped in a bed of indie pop". Lead singer Kevin Barnes took to stage in an all-white ensemble featuring a blonde wig and sunglasses,  projections began bouncing off of his costume, and on to the gigantic 10ft tall puppet (?) lurking behind him. Accompanied on stage by dancers in different costumes, and even at one point a pair of boxing pigs, the show's visual dynamic seemed to change and phase in and out as easily as the mood of the music. Barnes' experimental styles mixed with funky-pop dance beats hit you like a fever. You can't escape your body's need for movement as the show progresses. Most definitely a trippy, outrageous, visually stimulating experience, Of Montreal lives up to the expectations their music lay for it's listeners. Check out more photos below of last night's adventure into curiousity. 

- Matt Smith & Maddie Casey