Ultra5280 Artist of The Week: Inner Oceans

Monday's are usually filled with us looking through hundreds of emails and scouring the inter-webs for new music. This gem just happened to fall into our laps today, Denver based Inner Oceans have just signed to Holy Underground Management and soon will be a household name amongst the thriving Denver music scene. You can also download their 3 song EP at Bandcamp


Fronted by Griff Snyder (previously of Dovekins) and supported by a veteran cast of Denver multi-instrumentalists, this pop group has immediately displayed a knack for their forward-thinking pop songwriting that’s been catching the ears of the international blog community right off the bat.

Their first 3 song EP is available for free download through Bandcamp, and does well to showcase the depth of a project that at times blurs the lines between dream pop and shoegaze. Genre’s aside, we know you’ll enjoy.