Slow Cub | Interview and Tour Info

Photo credit: Ben Corrigan

We recently had a chance to catch up with Charles Watson of the lovely duo of Slow Club, who will be opening up for Mumford and Sons at Red Rocks tomorrow and headlining their own show at Hi-Dive on Wednesday night.  We are also be giving away of guest spots for the Hi-Dive show on Twitter later on today so be sure and follow us here.

The beloved Brits are touring the United States with their countrymen, and playing songs off their critically acclaimed album Paradise, released late 2011 on Moshi Moshi Records. They also recently caused a stir when Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe played a feature role in the video for their single "Beginners"

U5280: Letโ€™s talk about the new album Paradise, where did the name for the title originate from?

SC: The name is taken from the secret track at the end of the album. We both thought the song summed up the record pretty well.

U5280: Growing up in England and listening to the music scene there, who were and still are some of your biggest influences?

SC: Rebecca is influenced by lots of R n B records. I guess Leonard Cohen has been the most constant influence for me. I don't think the English music scene has really shaped our sound. We probably listened to more American music as teenagers.

U5280: How has social networking played a role into how you communicate with your fans? It seems like it can be a hit or miss with a lot of bands.

SC: For a long time I didn't get involved with social networking but since doing it I can see its merits. I like to stalk my favourite bands.

U5280: How long did it take for you guys to put together Paradise, what did that process look like, and what would you say were the biggest challenges? 

SC: It took about a year in total. There were lots of challenges in the shape of using new instruments. We really didn't want to make an album that sounded the same as the first so we spent a lot of time trying to experiment.

U5280: For this upcoming tour you will be opening up for Mumford and Sons, how did that come about and what are your thoughts on playing here at Red Rocks?

SC: It's a pleasure to open for Mumford & Sons. We have known the guys for quite a while now and it's very exciting to see how they've grown. Red Rocks is going to be incredible. I haven't stopped googling pictures of it since we found out.

U5280: Iโ€™m guessing you guys get this next question a lot, but how in the hell did you guys get Mr. Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe to be in the video for Beginners? (check out video below)

SC: We found out he was a fan of the band when he chose us to interview for his guest editorial of Time Out London. After that we thought maybe he might like the idea of being in our video.

U5280: Finally what can the people of Colorado look to expect from Slow Club as you will be playing here two nights this week?

SC: We will playing some new material that we will be releasing later in the year. There might be nudity.

Having built a burgeoning following on the success of their much-loved debut full-length Yeah So, Slow Club's sophomore album Paradise was a further step forward in song craft and lyrical maturity. Among much other praise, the album received nods from Under The Radar (8 of 10) who featured the band in their year end issue, The New York TimesRolling Stone who labeled them a "Band To Watch", and Pitchfork who write that "the duo has evolved from being among the best of an indie pop field overcrowded with cutesy duos to carving out a distinct niche for itself that opens up further opportunities for creative growth."

Watch videos for the singles "Where I'm Waking," "Two Cousins" and "The Dog"