S.S. Coachella | Ready To Set Sail

Classify this one under WTF.  The rumors have been buzzing lately as to the future of Coachella . Today Goldenvoice announced a strange twist to the on-going spectacle, announcing the creation of Coachella at Sea.  Read the excerpt below:

"S.S. Coachella is your chance to experience the music of Coachella in an intimate setting.  It’s everything you love about Coachella in an equally beautiful and peaceful setting with built in amenities.  Plus, as if the music, pool and buffet aren't enough to keep you busy, we have created some additional activities. By the end of the cruise you will be familiar with your fellow passengers, the people that bring you Coachella, the artists you know and the artists you don’t.  

Just like Coachella, you will be able to build your musical itinerary with your favorite bands you want to see and even add the activities you want to participate in.

We encourage you to take the time to look through our on-board events, check out the venues and start thinking about what your want to do on shore." [VIA]

For more information check out:

 Website: www.ss.coachella.com

Twitter: @sscoachella