Glowing House | Days Run Out | Review

Glowing House is a breath of fresh air, it encompasses a passion for music that makes the listener interpret the lyrics word for word and chose their own musical voyage. It took me back to a time when I first listened to my mother's Patsy Cline albums and was introduced to a guy named Bob Dylan. The opening piano chords of “All That Matters” sets up the album from the get-go, the husband and wife duo of Steve Varney and Jess Parsons set up this soundtrack that takes us on a musical journey with twelve tracks that keep you engaged from beginning to end.

With a cast of some of Denver’s finest musicians, the album is a full array of tracks that come to life with carefully composed harmonies and instruments that keep you guessing what is being played.  We have guest appearances from Wes Watkins (seems like this guy and his trumpet are everywhere) from Air Dubai/Petals of Spain as well as the ever talented Jeanie Shroder of Devotchka on tuba.  The all-star ensemble cast is filled out with Phil Parker on cello and Patrick Kline on percussion as well as Jamie Mefford helping out with vocals and percussion.

On the lead single “Taming Lions”, the opening riffs of the accordion take us to a place where every note is full of passion and can be clearly felt within the chorus of the song.


My words give brand new meaning to the word defiance 

I find that getting them to behave is like taming lions..”

A rare gem among the Denver music scene Glowing House doesn’t miss a beat with the album Days Run Out.  Truly a listening pleasure I suggest you purchase the album, light a few candles, open the windows and let it take you away. You will not be disappointed.  You can catch Glowing House at their CD Release Party on June 9th at The Hi-Dive sponsored by our good friends at Concerted Effort.  You can purchase tickets here and the first 100 ticket buyers will get the CD free at the show.