An Interview with Sleeper Agent: Interview

At last week’s Fun. Show here in Denver, I was lucky to get to sit down with Sleeper Agent’s female singer Alex Kandel, and singer-guitarist Tony Smith. We laughed, talked friends, fun, and future for the boisterous group of 6 from Kentucky. Here’s what they had to say: 


MC: How has this tour been compared to what you've done in the past? 

AK/SA: "I think almost every band we’ve ever toured with has had some sort of cult following. But every band's fans are all different. We get the Circa (Survive) kids coming to Cage The Elephant shows just to see us. They all mix.”

TS/SA: "it's helped us because there is always someone who's seen us before, and then they become our fans.  We're seeing a quilt of everybody else's fans"

MC: How is it being a bigger band? 

TS/SA: "If there were less of us there would be less fun on stage! All the fans have their favorite (one of us). It's easy to spot the Alex fans from the Lee fans." 

"I'm no ish, of course I'm go a take time to meet people who paid to meet me."

"we can have what we think is a terrible show, but the three kids that came just for us and had the greatest time ever makes it all worth." 

MC: Musically, what is writing like with a bigger band?

TS/SA: "I write all the songs mainly. Everyone else plays their part once we bring it to them. That’s when they add their parts and help make it their own. It's like it starts as this 2d movie, and once we bring it to the band, that’s when it turns into ‘Toy Story.’"

AK/SA: "I'm hoping to expand, Scott (Gardner, keyboardist) has been my writing partner for 10 years, so that'll be good to do more of that.

MC: Tell us about your new album, "Celebrasion" a little bit: 

TS/SA: “Well, it was written and recorded after college. I had a cool ‘big boy’ job lined up, Scott(Gardner, keyboardist) egged me on to have just one more fun, free summer and it turned into this summer vacation that’s been going for the next two years.” 

The band went on to talk to me a little bit about what is coming next for them. The next step? Continue to tour, and finish work on their follow-up record. Smith said, “the second album is 2/4 the way done, we haven't "Pixar'd" it yet really.” They have about 6 months of work left, and from there it’s all a waiting game for what’s come next. The band will be back in Denver with friend and past tour-mate Ben Kweller, rocking The Bluebird on May 1st. Be sure to get tickets now, as I’m sure this will be a packed house. Until then? Enjoy Celebrasion, the bands most recent release, available on their website at, iTunes, Bandcamp, and in some independent retailers.