Fun.: The Ogden Theatre: 4/5: Review

What better way to spend a Thursday evening than to head over to The Ogden for a little Fun. I’m going to try and keep the “no pun intended” jokes to a minimum.  A sold out crowd managed to fill every square inch of the venue for current buzz band and indie darlings Fun.  With a backing stage displaying the three simple letters, Denver was ready for a high-energy show.  Fun. is the current project from former member of The Format Nate Ruess as well as members of Anathallo and Steel Train.  Although billed as a threesome a drummer and bassist accompany them on this tour. 

Fun is a band that goes against the norm, in fact in the few years I have been covering music I have never seen a band come out wearing their own merchandise, it felt a little out of place to be honest.  Not to take away from their musical showmanship as Nate Ruess covered every inch of the stage singing and dancing to the crowds delight. The front row made of scantily clad teenagers fed of the energy, even holding up signs that said “Nate Marry Me”.  They opened their set with “Some Nights”; the crowd erupted into frenzy, by far a rousing number to kick off the night’s festivities. They managed to play hits off their radio friendly album Some Nights during their set and it was during “We Are Young “ that the whole crowd traded verse for verse the lyrics to the indie-pop anthem.  They even managed to give us a cover of their take on a Rolling Stones hit “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.  Whatever it is that fun. is conjuring up seems to be working as they continue to sell out cities on their current tour.  With a few summer festivals coming up, their name will continue to carry over into the coming months as they continue to ride their current wave of success.


Some Nights|Walking the Dog|Why Am I the One|All Alone|All the Pretty Girls|Barlights|Carry On|The Gambler|Be Calm|At Least I’m Not as Sad (As I Used to Be)|We Are Young|You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones Cover)|One Foot|Take Your Time (Coming Home)