Red Fox Run: Meet the Band

While they have only spent the last year and a half together, Denver-based Red Fox Run is making their name known around town.  The indie rock band has a crisp sound that proves individual talent amongst the band mates.  The five guys that make up Red Fox Run, Daniel Rondeau, Joshua Hester, Lucas Henderson, Matt Mossberg, and Tristan Ringering have made their way through Denver stopping at local spots like the Hi-Dive, Herman’s Hideaway, and the Larimer Lounge, sharing their music with those present.  An eclectic mix of gritty rock and roll and ardent vocals, their music has something not just for the PBR drinkers.  2012 should bring great things to these guys, as they have an album release party on January 14th at the Larimer Lounge.  I encourage you to 'like' their Facebook page and come to the show to lend your support.