Wilco at The Fillmore: 1/22: Review

For a band that has graced us with album after album of nothing but sheer brilliance, it is the way Wilco translates that album sound into their live sets that makes them the band that they are. It is as if you are standing in the sound booth listening to Jeff Tweedy and company record another great song. On Thursday night, the sold out crowd at The Fillmore enjoyed a two and a half hour set with Wilco. With the purple chandeliers hanging from the rafters, the unique lighting complimented the venue’s ambiance that brought songs to life.

“Is pot legal here? Sorta? Somewhat? Smells legal”, an exuberant Tweedy asked the crowd.

The sold-out crowd sang side by side with Tweedy to “Misunderstood” and in complete harmony belted out the chorus with perfection. It was one of the many songs that brought about crowd participation. “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart”, off of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot also triggered a sing-a-long.  I highly recommend watching the documentary of the same title if you get a chance.

As with any Wilco show one of the most anticipated moments is the live version of “Impossible Germany”, transforming this song into their live sets is one of the main reasons Nels Cline is considered one of the greatest guitarist ever, with one of the most amazing guitar solos.  Between Cline, Tweedy and bassist John Stirrat it was a trifecta that left no margin for error on the classic song.

Wilco played an unusually long encore; playing an additional 30-minute set with “Whole Love”, “Heavy Metal Drummer”, and “I’m a Wheel” to name a few. After the show I left the Fillmore feeling similar to the rest of the crowd, truly amazed by the tightness of the set and buzz worthy performance of the night.


Poor Places | Art Of Almost | I Might | Misunderstood | Side With The Seeds | I Am Trying to Break Your Heart | One Wing | She's A Jar | Impossible Germany | Via Chicago | Kamera | Born Alone | Capitol City | War On War | Box Full Of | Letters | Pot Kettle Black | Dawned On Me | A Shot in the Arm


Whole Love | Heavy Metal Drummer | Walken | I'm The Man Who Loves You | Red-Eyed and Blue | I Got You (At The End of the Century) | Outtasite (Outta Mind) | I'm a Wheel

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