Mansions on the Moon: 1/13 at the Larimer Lounge: Review

Mansions On The Moon (photo credit Kyle Risner)

It was certainly Friday the 13th for Mansions on the Moon at the Larimer Lounge. The crowd was rather different than you'd expect at a small electronic show, though the place did fill up. Opening up the night were Denver locals, Flashlights. If you haven't seen this duo before, Flashlights is the talent of Ethan and Sam, who combine their vocals with a traditional electronic sound.  They played a quick set and did their best to get the crowd warmed up and moving.

MOTM quickly followed Flashlights to the stage and wasted no time getting going. Known for a softer sound in their recorded music, the guys brought a heavier sound live.  They played a good mix of older songs and tracks from their new EP, including "Leaves Fall", "Desert Island" and "Emergency".

Despite their best efforts, the crowd just didn't seem to ever get into the show. It was an unusual crowd, lacking the typical hipsters and dance crazies; even the band commented on it feeling more like an "Aspen crowd" than the typical Denver crew.  It was hard to not feel bad, since most of the people that would have given them the support they deserved were probably down the road at STS9.  Overall, both bands played well, but they deserved a much better crowd than they had. MOTM is talented and are absolutely going places. Hopefully when they come back to Denver they'll get the love they deserve.