Welcome Randy!



Randy has moved on from Apple and he is currently the coolest pizza man I know, but he is about to make a serious career path change and become a scientist.  Castro and I were concerned about the conflict of interest (blogging is super innovative), but we decided to go ahead and bring him on board. Because of his new career, he will soon be traveling by hovercraft and winning Nobel Science Prizes. So if you ever need to escape bumper to bumper traffic or someone to make it rain, you give him a call because he will be flying over the traffic, droppin dem dolla bills.

Randy is excited to join our team because #bloglife is something he totally digs; stayin' up late, doin writeups...you know. It's kind of a big deal. Anyways you can expect to see Randy's first album review in about....5 minutes. It's legit don't miss it!

Proof that Castro and Randy are BFFs