Toro Y Moi at The Larimer Lounge-Review

Toro Y Moi
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Openers Flashlights had a celebratory announcement to kick off the show; they had just signed a deal with Atlantic Records! They got the audience started on the right foot with their mix of auto-tuned electro dance. Think Cut/Copy meets Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak. You get the picture.

Next up was Adventure, from Baltimore MD. Their laid back stage presence didn't prevent us from getting into the show, though. Adventure manages to inject a wide array of urban synth loops into their otherwise poppy sound, throwing us back to memories of 80's synth bands such as New Order.

When Toro y Moi graced the stage, the sold out Larimer Lounge was heavy with anticipation. Immediately, expectations were met and exceeded as they began to play. Tracks from Underneath the Pine, Toro y Moi's newest album, made up much of the set list. Chaz Bundick and his counterparts managed a superb, precisely played hour-long set with little to no banter between songs. Toro y Moi will be continuing their tour through the midwest and on to the east coast. If you are fortunate enough to see him live you can bank on dancing non-stop straight through the set.