Skrillex at The 1st Bank Center: October 31, 2011 (Halloween): Review

He, by far, has one of the coolest and most game-changing stage sets I’ve ever been able to see. By now, some of you may have heard about his motion-tracking system, but hearing about and seeing it live is another thing. Skrillex’s stage is a giant white backdrop with 3D six-side pillars attached to it. This backdrop is bookended by two giant LED screens. Some rather large (and probably very expensive) projectors back at the soundstage put on a spectacle that adds a visual element to the show that could stand on its own. The screen continually presents a story that molds itself and evolves to everything that Skrillex lays down. Occasionally, the projectors display a character on the screen that not only fits the mood of the song being spun, but also tracks the every movement that Skrillex makes. If he is bouncing to the music, so do the characters behind him. If he throws his hands up asking for more from the crowd (which they were more than willing to give) then the giant robotic character behind him demands the same. I came to this show expecting to have a good time listening to most of the songs I could hear on a Skrillex Pandora station. And while Skrillex did play a version of most of these songs, I not only was privileged to hear them live, but I felt them with every bass drop, and saw them come to life on the screen in a way I’ve never seen any other show successfully complete.

I think the most exciting thing for me is that Skrillex is only 23 years old and has already made his stamp in the industry. He provides his own take on a genre that influences so many other up and comers. Castro and I have already begun talking about our Top Shows of 2011, and not to give away too much, as we still have another couple months of awesome show coming up, but this is definitely a top contender for me.